We're all about making a scene with new digital media.

Mediaonx understands that your company needs media that’s more than looking cool. 

We’ve developed a secret sauce that gets your brand message across in a way that informs & performs.

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Mediaonx is a digital-centric company offering video creation, sound mastering, product photography, multimedia, and social media management services to enhance and establish your company’s online presence.

Whilst we don’t always take ourselves too seriously, we take our craft very seriously!

Mediaonx understands your brand needs marketing or corporate content that offers more
than a fad. Our blockbuster creations blaze trails while still respecting your brand elements, corporate messages, or parameters and get your brand message across in a way that informs and performs.

We’re into old-fashioned notions like good manners, a professional hard-work ethic with a
compulsion to stay ahead of the latest tech and pop-culture trends. We create and provide
the finest quality, on-trend, high-energy content and services to exceed your expectations.
Mediaonx has the privilege of working with many famous brands; agencies trust us to
provide instant value-added services to their clients at zero additional investment – from
once-off projects to long-term or large-scale productions.

Sound like we have what you need?

Whilst we are guilty of many things – like being cool kids, film and digital media wizards, and renaissance souls, we have never been accused of being peg-legged, rum-raiding, swashbuckling pirates! We will never parlay over the use of pirated software or unpaid protected content – we would rather walk the plank!

We are proud and honoured to serve the global market –

some of the best-loved brands in the world trust us.



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Co-Founder, Geoffrey Gordon-Stuart.

Video, Photography, Animation, and Sound Production Specialist.

Co-Founder, Angelique Gordon-Stuart.

Multimedia, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Animation, and Social Media Management Specialist.

hand drawn portrait illustration mediaonx


mediaonx core values


Excellence - Exceptional work and professionalism to best serve your needs.


Creativity - Artistic and relevant/on-trend content to bring your brand to life.


Authenticity - Unique ideas that outshine your competitors.


Integrity - Honest commitment that affirms our clients' trust.


Frequently asked questions & answers

Any of these are cool:

MEDIAONX:  {ˈmiːdiə ˈɒnɪks}


Media on x

Our pricing is quite reasonable, we charge per half day shoot or full day shoot for video or photo including editing. Any additional editing that’s required is invoiced separately. You can build up your production costs with ad hoc features, lights, cameras and editing requirements.

Yes, we do! We’re thrilled when we get to work with long term clients and will go out of our way to cater to your business needs. 6 & 12 month options are available.

Only when we want to pay them, otherwise actors, voice-over artists and models will work for free and eat exposure for dinner 😂 – just kidding, yes we do. Props will be discussed beforehand &  are charged for at cost, if not provided.

So not one person actualy asked this, but if they did… Not sure if the website gave it away, but we create digital media. 😉 We film videos, shoot photos, animate animations, email all the emails & snack on the snacks.